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Wisconsin allows direct access to physical therapy...

Many people think a physician referral is required for physical therapy.  Some states, including Wisconsin, allow patients to access physical therapy directly.

According to Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association, “direct access” is defined as:

The right of the public to directly access physical therapists for evaluation, examination, and intervention. In other words, a member of the public does not need to secure a referral from a physician or other health care practitioner in order to receive physical therapy services. The public is best served when access is unrestricted.

In Wisconsin, the law allows the public to access physical therapy directly in most instances. An individual who has been diagnosed by a physician with a neurological or medical condition who seeks physical therapy services to treat the condition, by law may directly access a physical therapist. Additionally, an individual who has experienced a musculoskeletal injury (with or without a diagnosis by a physician) may access a physical therapist directly for care of the injury or condition. In the event that the physical therapist suspects that an acute bone fracture or tendon rupture has occurred, the physical therapist must refer the patient to another appropriate health care provider (such as an orthopedic physician) before initiating physical therapy treatment. Finally, the public may consult a physical therapist directly to receive guidance in physical conditioning, injury prevention techniques, and a variety of other services. 

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